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Since I hadn’t seen them since Vol. 3, there is a lot of material I have never caught live yet. As I said, I like every Slipknot album. (Probably every Slipknot song if you don’t count demos and remixes). Unfortunately, they didn’t play anything off of ‘Gray Chapter this time, which I was a bit gutted by. I really like that album and would have loved to see something like ‘Custer,’ ‘AOV’ or ‘Sarcastrophe’ live. ‘Custer’ especially. From the first time I heard it I said to myself ”that is a song that will be in their setlists forevermore.” They also only played one song from All Hope Is Gone. I guess that’s reason enough to try see them a few more times, as I really want to catch more songs I haven’t heard live before. I’m keen to hear it all.

But given how great the new album is, I was most keen to see material from We Are Not Your Kind live. I was thinking about how much I wanted it on such a regular basis since end of the week that the album was released and it had all started to click with me. Turns out I was in luck, because if you count the 2018 stand-alone single ‘All Out Life’ which technically isn’t on the album (but which features the lyric ‘we are not your kind’ repeatedly chanted and I always mentally count as being part of that album, and have attached to the album in my itunes and on my phone and just pretend it is on the album anyway), then they played 5 new songs. Aforementioned ‘All Out Life.’ Big single ‘Unsainted,’ which opened the show. The dark, weird, almost formless album closer ‘Solway Firth.’ The groovy ‘Birth Of The Cruel’ and the stompy new single ‘Nero Forte.’ It was great to see this much new material live. It shows you how much confidence the band must have in the new album, and given the audience reaction, this confidence was well placed.

Not counting intros and outros over the speakers, there were 17 tracks. 6 of which I had never seen live before. Pretty great value. No wonder they didn’t have room for much material off All Hope’ or ‘Gray Chapter. The rest of the set featured the big singles from Vol 3; ‘Duality,’ ‘Before I Forget’ and ‘Vermillion’ as well as many classic concert favourites from the debut like ‘(Sic),’ ‘Surfacing’ and ‘Eyeless’ and topped off with a few of the heavier numbers from Iowa, like ‘Disasterpiece’ and ‘People=sh*t.’

Slipknot are pretty great at mixing up sets, and not just playing the same thing every tour, swapping in a surprise or two, and dropping a few expected tunes now and again for a deep cut. The (sort of) surprises in the set were first album bonus-track ‘Eeyore’ and Iowa deepish-cut ‘New Abortion’ although I have seen both live before and both have been on official live releases so not super surprising if you want to be pedantic, but I was satisfied. In terms of dropping an expected tune, this time they dropped ‘Spit It Out’ which is almost unfathomable, as therefore they didn’t do the ‘’Jump The f*ck Up’’ moment, (where they make the whole crowd crouch for a few minutes then jump up in unison) but I’ve had that three times and on all their live albums too, so I was glad to lose it if it meant more time for new songs.

In terms of stage show, it was the biggest and best I’d ever seen them. There were videoscreens all over the place (even on the drums). There was pyro and steam. There were fireworks. There was a Nikki Sixx style bass guitar flamethrower like on Motley Crue’s The End DVD. There were treadmills which the more expendable members like the DJ, Sid, would go and play about on when not needed musically. He did the moonwalk on a treadmill at one point. Their setlist didn’t feature many turn-table focused songs this time so I guess he’s got to do something. Clown got a flaming baseball bat out for the keg smashes on ‘Duality.’

Performance and sound wise, it was really good. That’s not always a given. As much as love this band, they aren’t what I’d call consistent. Some bands are just perfect every single time (Hatebreed spring to mind). Slipknot are not one of those bands. I mean, when you have 9 members, complex awkward songs with atypical structures, and a singer inside a mask running around, its hard to get everything sounding perfect…

If you look across all of Slipknot’s official and unofficial live releases, you’ll notice they have been really hit and miss over the years in terms of both vocals and audio mix. Even on just their Voliminal DVD, which features footage from a few different shows, the live stuff goes from amazing to quite poor. The 9.0 live album which I mentioned earlier features material from across a whole tour, and that album has quite poor live vocals and subpar sound mixes. Conversely though the Disasterpeices and (Sic)nesses DVDs have superb live vocals and mixes and are absolutely must-own. The pro shot live stuff from various festivals on the first two album cycles is really mixed also. I remember MTV2 used to have footage of the band on the Iowa cycle in Germany, where Corey’s vocals were really muffled and the kick drums overpowered all the guitars. When I first got into them, on the debut album cycle, the only live stuff available was bootlegs, and they were always pretty rough. You could get pirate CDs from shows like their first time in London or from dates on the US Ozzfest, but you could tell from the CD that Corey was running around, bouncing and going crazy so much, that the vocals would suffer. Even my own live experiences of the band were mixed. When I saw them live myself in Belfast the mix and vocals were brilliant and its still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. When I saw them headlining on the Vol. 3 cycle, the vocals were poor (he has discussed in interviews over the years that he was drinking heavily in that period) but the mix was great. When I saw them supporting Metallica on that same album cycle, the mix was poor but the vocals were good. As I said, its not a given.

I guess there’s a lot of variables for the soundmen to get right and lots of chances to get it wrong. Depending on how much running and bouncing singer Corey Taylor does, and how his mask affects the microphones, there’s a big gap between his best and his worst shows.

However, tonight it was great. It was pretty close to a perfect show. I mean, if I had to pick pedantic holes in it then I guess the guitar-intro to ‘Surfacing’ sounded a bit weird, and the vocals on the chorus to ‘Nero Forte’ were a bit thin, but otherwise it was magnificent.

The sound mix was perfectly balanced. Even the additional percussion was actually audible and you could tell why they have three drummers. The bass was thick. The guitars were clear and didn’t go muddy. The drum kit was powerful and you could pick every element out individually. The vocals were just right. I couldn’t have asked for a better mix.

The band were energetic and enthusiastic and played like a band on the rise. Drums were absolutely battered. Riffs were practically thrown into the crowd. I guess buoyed by the success of the new album, they are revitalised and fired-up. This was definitely the 2nd-best I ever seen them live; sceond only to that very first time I saw them, back in Belfast in 2002, which boasted many more songs from my favourite album, Iowa, in the set, and featured the classic line-up when they were still mysterious and I was wide-eyed and young. (And to be fair, my memory of that could in fact be a little clouded in a rose-tinted teenage nostalgia).

I always regretted not seeing them live on the last two album cycles, but I would have been heartbroken to miss them this time. Thank goodness for the weird phone/website discrepancy! This was awesome. One of the bands that have meant the most to me in my whole life, playing brilliantly, with a great setlist and sounding great. This is going to be a show I remember for a long time.

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Slipknot Full Tour Schedule 2023 & 2024, Tour Dates & Concerts – Songkick (2024)


Will Slipknot tour us in 2023? ›

While he is working on his upcoming second album under his own name, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has announced a four-date solo tour in May with the Cherry Bombs, the dance squad led by Corey's wife Alicia Taylor, as the opening act.

Is Slipknot touring in 2024? ›

Slipknot tour dates and tickets 2023-2024 near you

Slipknot is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 11 concerts across 6 countries in 2023-2024. View all concerts.

Can a 13 year old go to a Slipknot concert? ›

There is no set age. It depends more on the the venue, the band, the child and the parents. The concert I attended last weekend had several small children at it. It was no big deal.

Will Slipknot tour us again? ›

Will Slipknot Tour in 2023? Yes! Slipknot tour dates for 2022 are available now.

Where is Slipknot touring in 2023? ›

Slipknot tour dates 2023
  • 🌍 All.
  • 🇳🇱 Netherlands.
  • 🇩🇰 Denmark.
  • 🇱🇺 Luxembourg.
  • 🇧🇪 Belgium.
  • 🇩🇪 Germany.
  • 🇮🇹 Italy.
  • 🇪🇸 Spain.

What songs will Slipknot play at Knotfest 2023? ›

Slipknot Setlist at Centennial Park, Sydney, Australia
  • For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (AC/DC song)
  • Get Behind Me Satan and Push. (Billie Jo Spears song)
  • Disasterpiece.
  • Wait and Bleed.
  • All Out Life.
  • Sulfur.
  • Before I Forget.
  • The Dying Song (Time to Sing)
Mar 25, 2023

Is there an age limit for Slipknot concerts? ›

For more information on our resale policy, please see our Terms and Conditions. Under 14 year olds are not permitted on a standing floor. 14 and 15 year olds are only permitted on a standing floor when accompanied by an adult aged 18yrs +.

Who is playing at Knotfest 2023? ›

The Lineup

Other bands scheduled to perform include Bad Omens, In Flames, Parkway Drive, Northlane, Malevolence, Story Of The Year, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Trivium, Spiritbox, Alpha Wolf, Knocked Loose, and Void of Vision. Bad Omens is an American metalcore band that formed in 2014.

Do Slipknot concerts sell out? ›

Will Knotfest sell out? Yes. It is Slipknot. Of course, it will sell out in minutes.

What not to wear to a Slipknot concert? ›

The ban included spiked collars, large belt buckles, and large chain wallets — pretty much mandatory fashion for most Slipknot fans. The full list of banned items included laser pointers, fireworks, candles, signs, whistles, and the clothing mentioned above.

Can a 14 year old go to a concert alone? ›

Don't let them go alone.

Go with your kids. Tweens need your supervision and even teenagers can benefit from an adult presence. Plus you might have fun! If that idea mortifies your 14-year-old, buy tickets a row or two behind her and her friends, so that you're there if they need you, but not on top of them.

How long is an average Slipknot concert? ›

How long a slipknot concert lasts? You will be on your feet all night as a result of the Knotfest concert, which can last anywhere from two hours to two and a half hours. This is the most unique show in terms of stage production in the metal scene, which is regarded as the best in the industry.

What is the lineup for Slipknot 2023? ›


How much are Slipknot tickets? ›

Slipknot concert tickets range between $327.00 - $713.00.

Will Slipknot be at download 2023? ›

The festival will take place between Thursday, June 8 to Sunday, June 11. Headliners Metallica, Bring Me The Horizon and Slipknot, as well as Pendulum, Neck Deep Placebo and many more are set to play the festival, in what will be an unforgettable weekend to kickstart festival season in style.

Does Slipknot do meet and greets? ›

Each Meet & Greet Package includes: One general admission VIP ticket. Exclusive meet and greet with members of Slipknot.

Why does Slipknot wear masks? ›

Why do Slipknot wear masks? During their embryonic days in Iowa in the late nineties, Slipknot percussionist Shaun 'Clown' Crahan turned up to band rehearsals wearing a clown mask, which inspired his nickname. By 1997, Slipknot decided that every band member should wear a unique mask alongside a trademark jumpsuit.

What is the dark stage at Knotfest? ›

𝐃𝐀𝐑𝐊 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐄 🎪 Brings the arts and culture to Knotfest! The Space Cowboy, Zoe L'amore, Jacqueline Furey, The Pain Proof Pixie, Jason Maher, Porcelain Alice, Captain Ruin & Ruby Rubberlegs Full description on our Facebook page! Australia! Congratulations guys, it's amazing to see how far you've come!

What songs do Slipknot play at concerts? ›

Slipknot at Copenhell 2023
  • Prelude 3.0.
  • The Blister Exists.
  • The Dying Song (Time to Sing)
  • Liberate.
  • Yen.
  • Psychosocial.
  • The Devil in I.
  • The Heretic Anthem.

How many bands are at Knotfest? ›

14 bands, the Slipknot Museum, and thousands of maggots.

How old should a kid be to go to a concert? ›

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to take a child to a concert will depend on the individual child and the concert itself. Some children may be ready to attend a concert as young as three or four years old, while others may not be ready until they are closer to adolescence.

Is it OK to take a 5 year old to a concert? ›

18 month – 5 years

Unless there's a specific age restriction set by the venue or event organisers, this is completely up to you.

Who is the oldest band member in Slipknot? ›

At 52, Shawn Crahan is the oldest member of Slipknot, the youngest member is drummer, Jay Weinberg).

Is Knotfest 2023 all ages? ›

Knotfest is an Age 18+, outdoor music event with multiple stages and food and beverages available on-site. The event will take place from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm on Saturday 25 March 2023 and up to 30,000 visitors are expected to attend.

Does Knotfest have seating? ›

KNOTFEST is a multiple stage general admission live music festival, unlike a concert there is no reserved or dedicated seating. Tickets to the event entitle patrons to standing room only in front of stages, there is however a dedicated accessible viewing platform at the dual main and secondary stages.

How many songs does Slipknot play at Knotfest? ›

Most notably, their 20-song setlist featured the rarely-played All Hope Is Gone ballad Snuff for the first time in a decade, as well as that album's single Dead Memories for the first time since 2016.

How much does Slipknot make per tour? ›

This doesn't mean the band gets the entire piece of the pie and their profits vary based on the deals they make. Check out our previous Earnings & Attendance Reports. Slipknot pull in nearly $300k a night for their current tour, not a bad run at all!

How much is a Knotfest VIP ticket? ›

Weekend passes range from $40.00 for GA lawn to $69.00-$239.00 for reserved seats, and $239.00 for GA pit passes. VIP packages start at $249.00 for VIP Lounge; options include the Ultimate Slipknot VIP Experience at $1,000.00, the Black Sabbath M&G Package at $1250 and the Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Experience at $2500.

Who opens for Slipknot? ›

Hot on the heels of the massive second leg of Knotfest Roadshow 2022 tour, Slipknot have announced today that they will be hitting the road for their fall tour, this time with horror-themed metal maestros Ice Nine Kills and metalcore titans, Crown The Empire.

What are Slipknot fans known for? ›

Maggots are devotees to the death metal deities, but how did they get that name? Some have speculated it comes from the size of the crowds the band draws in. The mass of fanatics looks like writhing larvae from the band's vantage point on stage.

Do you wear jeans to a concert? ›

But when it comes to style, comfort, and practicality, you can't go wrong with a pair of jeans or shorts. Especially if it's summer and especially if the concert is outside. Sometimes a band's set can go on for hours, so ensure you'll be comfortable all night by wearing your favorite denim bottoms.

Does Slipknot clean their masks? ›

According to percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan, the band's members hardly ever clean their masks, no matter how much they sweat, spit, vomit or bleed in them. It's not that they never wash them, it's just that they've got this rule.

Is it OK for a 13 year old to go to a concert? ›

Ask your parents for permission.

It's best to check in with your parents before you buy tickets to make sure you'll be allowed to go. Have a conversation with your parents to figure out how you will travel to and from the concert, and to talk about ground rules for staying safe at the event.

Can I take my 9 year old to a concert? ›

There is no rule of thumb regarding the perfect age at which you can take your child to his or her first concert, or which type of concert is best for what age. You know your child best, and it is up to you to use your knowledge to make the best decision for the situation.

How do you say no to a concert? ›

It's OK to say you're sorry that you can't make an event, but it's better to reframe it as a positive, says Grotts. Rather than apologizing, say how happy you are that they invited you and that while you can't make it this time, you look forward to getting together with them in the future.

What is the longest metal concert? ›

They also hold the world record for the longest heavy metal concert after playing for five hours and 1 minute in Bulgaria (at Kavarna Rock Fest) in 2008. They also have been known for their slogan "Death to false metal". The band maintains a strong cult following and has sold over 30 million copies of their recordings.

What is the shortest concert? ›

“The White Stripes were in fact recognized in the 2009 edition of the Guinness World Records book for the shortest music concert ever when, on July 16 2007, they played just one note at St John's in Newfoundland, Canada,” they said.

How big of a band is Slipknot? ›

It goes without question, Slipknot are one of the biggest metal bands of all time. They're one of few Metal acts, let alone modern metal bands, that sell out arenas and top the billboard 200, but also seemingly push boundaries after each album. In other words, the band has never released a 'bad album.

Who is Corey Taylor touring with in 2023? ›

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor has announced a four-date solo tour in May. Support on the trek will come from the girl gang dance squad CHERRY BOMBS, led by Corey's wife Alicia Taylor.

Is Knotfest coming to America? ›

Produced by Live Nation, the run will kick off on September 20th in Nashville, TN and hit an additional eight cities before culminating in Irvine, CA on October 7th. Knotfest Presale begins on Tuesday, June 14th for Premium Members and people can sign up to gain access through Thursday, June 16th.

Will Metallica tour the US in 2023? ›

The band is on tour to celebrate their first new album in 7 years, 72 Seasons. The "M72 Tour" will visit cities around the world throughout 2023 and 2024.

What artist is going on tour in 2023? ›

Beyoncé, Madonna, Anita Baker, John Meyer, Blink-182, 5S0S, Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, Jonas Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, Willy Nelson and Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks are just a small portion of acts heading on tour in 2023. And the list keeps growing.

Who will be on tour with future 2023? ›

When Future is done touring, he will gear up for 2023 Rolling Loud California. The music festival takes place the weekend of March 3-5 at Hollywood Park Grounds outside of SoFi Stadium. He will be there with Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Lil Wayne and more. Copyright 2023 WANF.

Where will Taylor Swift tour in 2023? ›

Swift will begin her tour on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona and wrap up on Aug. 9 in Los Angeles, California. In between, Swift will play a three shows in Philadelphia from May 12-14 and at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey from May 26-28.

How long does a Slipknot concert last? ›

What happens at Knotfest Roadshow? Each Knotfest concert may last up to 2 hours and you will be on your feet all the time.

Will Ozzy tour in the US in 2023? ›

Rock and roll star Ozzy Osbourne has canceled all his shows for 2023, and says his time spent touring has come to an end. He said Wednesday that his voice is fine, but due to a spinal injury he sustained four years ago, "is still physically weak."

How much are Metallica tickets 2024? ›

Single-day tickets to Metallica's "No Repeat Weekend" appearance at U.S. Bank Stadium in August 2024 will go on sale Jan. 20, with prices starting as low as $50. Tickets to both the Aug. 16 (Friday) and Aug.

Who is touring with Metallica in 2024? ›

Joining them at these shows will be a rotating cast of openers including Pantera — marking the newly-reformed band's first U.S. dates in 22 years — as well as Five Finger Death Punch, Architects, Mammoth WVH, Ice Nine Kills, Volbeat and Greta Van Fleet.


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